Wanita Queen of Honky Tonk


frontWith the release of her 3rd brilliant album, The Original Wanita, in 2013, Wanita’s profile and career has taken another massive leap forward. This critically acclaimed self-penned U.K. Best Selling Album is pure heart and soul. The launch of this album was delivered at the Tamworth Country Music Festival to venues packed to the rafters and has since created the hype which has seen her invited to play in Europe and been the subject in a documentary “The Heart of the Queen” which is about to be aired worldwide.

But WANITA is pure live entertainment, she loves nothing more than to be in front of her band “The Honky Tonk Bar Dwellers” entertaining and delivering the sounds that have run through her veins since she was a toddler, which can be described as “traditionally modern”. At her shows audiences are mesmerized by her vocal ability and musicianship, and her exceptional ability to read a crowd and create an unforgettable unique experience at every show.
WANITA loves playing something for everyone which might include Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, Blues, Jazz, Western Swing or Rock and Roll.
WANITA lives in the Heart of Australian Country Music Tamworth but is available to play worldwide.